domingo, 22 de novembro de 2009

My chinese name :D

Raquel discovered her Chinese Name : Ma - La - Que

MA in Chinese is agate. Agate is a precious stone. So to have it in your name first means your parents wished for you to be noble and beautiful. Secondly, you have a heart as bright as a precious stone. In addition, it shows that you are treasured by those who surrou...nd you.

LA in Chinese is hot. You are sexy and trendy, adore spicy food and excitement. You live for the moment and enjoy the company of others like yourself.

QUE in Chinese is definite or correct. To have QUE in your name means you are a serious woman in the workplace. "Almost" is not a word in your vocabulary because its either "yes" or "no". Everything you do, you do to perfection and nothing less. You have good analytical skills and will probably excel in law.

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Goldfinger disse...

Quando leio aqui Agate... lembro-me logo dela.....